Zirconium Coating

Zirconium is a naturally-extracted white metal. In zirconium coatings, the material forming the infrastructure beneath the porcelain is zirconium dioxide. Zirconium is more resistant to stress and tension compared to classical, metal-based porcelain coatings

Zirconium Coating

In order to get healthy and aesthetic results with zirconium coating, gum health should be reviewed in the first stage. After the treatment of gums and healing process, the teeth would be examined aesthetically. If the laughing line of the patient is high, the gum level is balanced appropriately. After the treatment and shaping process, approximately 1-2 mm of the teeth are cut. These teeth are measured with special impression devices and are sent to the laboratory. Based on the obtained measures, design and production is are undertaken in the digital laboratory environment.

The in-house rehearsal of the zirconium substructure is followed by the fitting of the porcelain superstructure. After final arrangements, coatings with a polished and smooth surface are adhered to the teeth.

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