Smart Lens

The lenses called Smart Lens or Smart Lens are actually multifocal intraocular lenses called multifocal and trifocal in ophthalmology. 

Smart Lens

Everyone has a natural lens inside the eye. This lens is transparent and elastic. Every time we look near and far, this lens changes shape and focuses on the distance being looked at, thanks to its flexibility. Thus, both far and near can be seen clearly.

As the age progresses, the natural lens in our eyes first loses its flexibility, cannot change shape when looking close, and becomes unable to focus close. In further ages, it loses its transparency and cataracts form.

Our own lens, which usually loses its flexibility after the age of 40, is replaceable with a new one. The artificial lens called Smart Lens is replaced by the natural lens, which loses its properties and is deformed. This new lens is now capable of focusing both far, intermediate and near, providing clear vision at any distance. The eye number does not progress again in the patient who is fitted with a Smart Lens (Intraocular Lens). Cataract surgery is performed once and no more cataracts occur in the eye.

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