Laminate Veneer

They are very thin porcelain leaves affixed to the front faces of the teeth. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Porcelain laminates are aesthetic, protective and long lasting restorations that can be performed almost without any operation in the tooth tissue for this smile.

Laminate Veneer

The protection of the treatment is due to the fact that the tissue removed from the tooth is little or no for the lamina to be made. They are also very aesthetically successful since they are very thin.

Porcelain laminates have a unique ability to allow light to pass through, making the teeth to which it is applied look completely real.The light transmittance of the laminates also varies according to the porcelain and processing technique used. It has a very short treatment period of 5 – 7 days.

Before any application to the teeth, with the use of mock-up application, you can see exactly what kind of change will be made.During this application you can share your wishes and expectations with your doctor. The Mock up application is a preliminary outline of the final image, giving you the first idea about your new smile. Many patients give very positive feedback on the changes even at this stage.

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