Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile, which is one of the popular applications of recent times, is a smile aesthetic treatment inspired by the bright and magnificent smiles of Hollywood stars. This treatment process is carried out by performing various applications together, since only white teeth are not enough to achieve the desired smile.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a smile aesthetic treatment applied to people who want to have a remarkable smile. It is a treatment that can be applied to everyone, regardless of woman or man.

The process of covering one’s own teeth with porcelain veneer in order to have a more aesthetic and beautiful appearance is called Hollywood smile. Inspired by Hollywood celebrities, this type of treatment is based on dental aesthetics. Today, in addition to foreign celebrities, there are many celebrities who have Hollywood smiles in our country.

The number of people who apply to the porcelain tooth veneer method is increasing day by day due to concerns such as aesthetic appeal, removal of dental defects, and respect in front of the society. Normally, our tooth color is bone-colored, but nowadays, because the white tooth has become a symbol of prestige, it is a frequently preferred method to lighten this bone color or have a coating on it.

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