Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a treatment option for men or women concerned about thinning hair or baldness. It is cosmetic surgery that transfers hair from where it is thicker to hairless areas of the scalp.

Hair transplant

Tell your surgeon about any past illnesses or medical conditions you have had, and any medications you take (including over the counter items and herbal remedies). Some medications increase the risk of bleeding. You might need to stop some medicines temporarily.

If you smoke, it is best to stop. Smoking can affect wound healing, and increases the risk of bleeding and infection after surgery.

Usually you will have a local anaesthetic and sedation. If the surgery planned for you is complicated, you might be given a general anaesthetic.

There are a number of different surgical techniques that could be used:

  • taking plugs of hair from areas where it continues to grow and inserting them in bald areas
  • transplanting small patches of skin from areas with more hair
  • scalp reduction involves removing areas of bald skin

Talk to your surgeon about what they might recommend.

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