Dhi Hair Transplant

The DHI technique applied with the implanter pen is a direct hair transplant application, it is also called by names like the Choi pen technique and unshaven hair transplantation.

Dhi Hair Transplant

Although it is essentially based on the FUE technique, DHI hair transplantation is partially considered as a new hair transplantation technique. The biggest difference with FUE is that in DHI hair transplantation, it is not necessary to open the canal before transplanting the hair follicles. In hair transplantation performed with the DHI Choi pen technique, the grafts extracted from the donor area are transplanted directly to the recipient area.

A new generation hair transplant method that allows us to achieve natural results in hair transplantation.

DHI hair transplantation requires surgical experience and aesthetic qualifications. Medhair a clinic committed to the DHI hair transplantation technique in Istanbul between the clinical experience and the exclusive environment with a privileged place.

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